“Volunteerism is the voice of the people put into action. These actions shape and mold the present into a future of which we can all be proud.” – Helen Dyer

Asha Kiran Foundation giving opportunities for volunteers like university students, retired persons, ex-service man, working women’s and even currently working young people who would like to serve their free time as a part of volunteering. It is purely an unpaid service from the volunteers. The volunteers can spend their time with Asha Kiran Foundation in giving trainings, sessions to children, serving elder person’s, relief & rehabilitation work, fundraising opportunities & can participate in community work and SHG mobilisation etc. Asha Kiran Foundation will not provide any stipend/salary to volunteers. We expect volunteers behave in a professional and responsible manner during their time of their work with us in which they would be given a specific task of their interest which they can perform.



Your contribution and efforts can make a big difference to someone’s life

Volunteer for Blog Writing

If you are a blogger, write about Asha Kiran Foundation in your blog and let people know that you support the cause. You can also write what you feel about Asha Kiran Foundation and the cause we work for and share it with us.  We may get it published on our blog.

Volunteer for Online Fundraising

Asha Kiran Foundation carries out social activities for children, women, elderly people by educating them, feeding them, or by providing healthcare assistance to such target communities on routine basis, at more than 10 locations across the state of Odisha. We also plan to expand our operations to more and more locations. People across the globe are helping us raise this fund in their own small ways.

You can register yourself as an online fund raising volunteer. Fund raised will go to the various social causes that Asha Kiran Foundation has undertaken, to cater to the under privileged. The fundraiser contributing the highest amount does get published in our newsletter.

Online Volunteering :      

Many a times, you feel compelled to work for a good cause but somehow your engrossing daily routine holds you back and then when you get time to look back, you try to convince yourself by saying that ‘If I had time, I would have contributed my bit to the society’.

But believe us, if you have a passion to support a cause and that pull within, you can still make a child smile, help a woman fight all odds to come on top, or, even brighten up the life of the homeless elderly couple – all this without it being any demanding on your daily routine.  You can instantly sign in as a become Volunteer for The Asha Kiran Foundation and you can start contributing by:

  • Promote Asha Kiran Foundation in your social networking profile and ask your friends to follow us.
  • Introducing Asha Kiran Foundation to all your online communities/ fan clubs etc.
  • Forwarding the mailers to your friends and help us spread the awareness for the cause.
  • Download and use our screensaver, buttons, posters, wallpapers, banners etc.


Your contribution and efforts can make a big difference to someone’s life

Introduce Asha Kiran Foundation to your Organization / Institute / Office

You can contribute by providing a platform for Asha Kiran Foundation in your organisation, Institute or Company. Help us reach your friends and colleagues. You can spread awareness about our Foundation and encourage them to donate for this good cause.

Give a demonstration/presentation to people in the gatherings. Also, you can print and distribute the volunteer opportunity information in your colony, office, neighbouring localities, and at social gatherings.

Join us as Consultant 

You can help us through your services as a consultant for our various departments depending on your skills, your availability and our requirement. You can guide us on Health and Nutrition, Fundraising Operations, Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, Logistics, Online presence, and others.

Trainers and physicians can support us by conducting workshop /check-ups at our premises for our employees, volunteers & even to the target communities.

Visiting Schools, Old age homes and Health camps

Asha Kiran Foundation provides academic & social help / assistance to the needy children in various schools besides arranging healthcare workshops, seminars, and medical help to our target communities.  As per your interest and availability we can arrange your visit to the schools and/or healthcare center near your area. You can be with the children & other needy; serve them with food /books / medicine and interact with them to convey the importance of health, education and nutrition.

All of us have some skills and talents which can be shared with children as part of their learning and fun activity. It can be the Art, Music, Sport, Yoga / Physical exercises, Dancing, Drawing cartoons, Mental Math, Science experiment & tricks or anything which interests them.

Opportunities for Events & Campaigns

Asha Kiran Foundation organizes events and campaigns from time to time. We need volunteers for the same depending on the type of the event. You can do a prior registration for this so that we can contact you and assign the work according to your availability and interest.  Once you join us as a volunteer, we shall keep you updating about the happening of our various events /campaigns.

To share your talent or skills, Write to us ashakiranfoundation@gmail.com