Asha Kiran foundation is built with a basic aim of helping the needy in the most fundamental manner. As a first step the foundation has taken up educating, nurturing and developing the Orphan, underprivileged and neglected children by providing quality education,  balanced nutrition and all-round development in a healthy, safe and loving environment.Taking  care of the old diseased abandoned people is also  a part of our mission.


  • To provide quality primary and high-school education to the children of the home.
  • To provide balanced diet and adequate healthcare facilities to the children.
  • To identify the native talents and inclinations of the children and nurture their growth into excellence.
  • To facilitate all-round development by training the children in the fields of Art, Music and Dance.
  • To help the children have a secure foothold in life so that they gain independence & financial security.
  • To shelter and to take care of old diseased abandoned people.


  • Every child is uniquely endowed. If his/her potentiality is identified at the right time and tapped in the right mode there is no reason why he/she cannot grow into an extraordinary personality.
  • Every child deserves develops his/her innate talent.

Our Team

Details of Board Members and Key Associates is furnished below:

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